Rural Fencing Mid North Coast

Agtech Rural Services is an award-winning company servicing the Mid North Coast, Wauchope Hinterland, Port Macquarie Hasting Valley, Kempsey Macleay Valley & Taree Manning Valley areas of NSW.

Agtech Rural Services specialise in rural fencing, which includes Post & Rail, Concrete, Steel & Split Post fencing.

We are equipped with some of the best fencing equipment on the market, to ensure a timely installation and a solid fence on completion.

This includes :

• A 6.5 ton 95 hp high flow posi track, to remove & clear fence lines.

Forestry mulcher, log grab, 4 in 1 bucket, Folks etc

• A Tractor & pneumatic post drive with pre-drill, will drive heavy strainers up to 14’’ in diameter, right through to concrete & steel strainers.

• An 8 ton excavator with a post drive & rock breaker to get to the spots where other equipment can't.

Gullies, water crossings, dams & tight spots between trees etc. It also helps with the taller posts above 2.4m high used in vineyards, yards etc.

• Our custom trailer is set up with a 2-stage compressor & Marchant air drive, which will drive from 1.5 ‘’ to 6 ‘’ round & square posts from timber, heavy plastic, steel posts & pickets.

The trailer is fitted with 4 plain wire reels housed in a stacker.

Down one side of the trailer is a picket rack which will hold 75 pickets & cover 250m each run. The pickets are pre threaded with plain wire from the above wire stacker.

It’s a matter of then tying the wire off to the strainer at one end of the fence.

Drive along the fence line, unclip the pre-threaded picket from the rack every 3 meters or requested spacings, then drive into ground with our Marchant air drive or Christies petrol drive mounted on the rear of trailer. This is very time efficient especially on the big jobs.

Plain wire is mostly used for horse paddocks, when fitting mesh or as top & bottom wire to eliminate livestock & wild life injuring themselves on the barb.

If the client is wanting barb only it’s the same concept instead just run out barb while running out pickets. Strain, clip off & fence is complete.

There is a great product, Clipex, which allows you to clip the barb wire to the picket, which eliminates tying wire off. Also very easy to change wire positioning in the future.

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Video of mesh fence run out

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Cutting in a fence line Elands Showground

Post & Rail Fencing

The timeless elegance of timber post and rail fencing, functionality, safety, durability and continues to be a popular fencing style on both rural and residential homes.

Agtech Fencing mortise all our posts with a mortising machine, not with a chainsaw.
This process is a little longer, however it gives us a precise hole size with out any damage to the post or over cutting with a chainsaw. Same size hole every time. Its all about the finish for us.

Concrete & Split Post Fencing

Split posts are best used on boundary & internal fencing to secure livestock, horses etc. Split posts are duarable and will last many years in the right soils & dry areas.
Concrete posts are also perfect for boundary & internal fencing. There durable and best used in fire and flood prone areas. In most circumstances they will outlast most other posts on the market. Concrete wont rot or burn. Long term most cost effective.

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Video of driving Concrete Fence Posts

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Timber Fence Posts Pre-Drilled & Driven

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Driving Timber Fence Posts

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Split Post Comp

Steel Post & Pickets - Stock & Dog Proofing

Steel post and picket fence is best used in the dryer country. Steel is perfect for all applications. Live stock, dogs, sheep & goats. Great to attach mesh to as its a nice straight clean line. We recommend pickets to be used for internal fencing, but if you were to use pickets on boundary we recommend using a maxi post every 4th post which will add strength to the fence. Also using a 1800 long picket instead of a 1650 to add more strength being deeper in ground.
A Maxi post is a heavy duty picket. We can always provide info on brands, types of wire, mesh etc if needed.