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Agtech Rural Services is an award-winning company servicing the Mid North Coast, Wauchope Hinterland,

Port Macquarie Hasting Valley, Kempsey Macleay Valley & Taree Manning Valley areas of NSW.

Agtech Rural Services are your one stop equestrian solution:
• Post & Rail
• Building Arenas
• Electric Fencing
• Stallion Paddocks
• Shelters & Stables
• Round Yards

Choosing the right style of fence and arena for your horse property can be overwhelming, because you need to consider a number of factors – such as your objectives, budget and the ongoing maintenance required.

At the end of the day, your decision will come down to balancing how it looks, with how it works and how much it costs. For example, you may be content with a fence that keeps your horses in safely. But there’s also nothing wrong with factoring in the way it looks – after all, you have to look at it every day!

"Agtech Fencing slipped in this end assembly/fence repair job quickly and with no fuss. Good quality Mid North Coast hardwood timber was used and the finished product is strong and attractive. I am happy to recommend Agtech Fencing and Shane Ainsworth"
Highway Stables Port Macquarie


Horse mesh fencing
Horse mesh fencing, commonly called equimesh, is a very strong and relatively safe material for horses.

Fastened to timber posts, the small diamond mesh spacings stop hooves and legs from becoming caught in the fence.

This type of fence is relatively inexpensive to install, however it is less visible than post and rail so it is recommended that you combine it with a solid board, rail or pipe along the top.

Generally horse mesh requires less maintenance than post and rail, however it does require tightening routinely.

Post and rail horse fencing
Post and rail fencing is a highly visible and attractive form of horse fencing, however it is more expensive to install, and it will not contain or exclude other animals.

While it acts as a good psychological barrier, unlike horse mesh, post and rail is very rigid so can cause injury if a horse gets spooked and runs at it.

An electric wire can be added to post and rail fences to prevent horses from chewing the timber. Alternatively, you could opt for a lower maintenance plastic or PVC material instead of timber.


In addition to constructing your fences, Agtech can prepare and lay the surface for your outdoor horse-riding arena.

Using our own machinery we can prepare your sub-base by excavating a layer of soil, then lay your base/subsurface material and your top dressing or footing material (usually sand). We can organise all materials required.

Equimesh by Stock & Noble
Equimesh by Stock & Noble
Post & Rail Fencing
Post & Rail Fencing
We can even build shelters & stables.
We can even build shelters & stables.