Forestry Mulching & Land Clearing

Our Mid North Coast Forestry Mulching & Land Clearing Services include :-

• Forestry Mulching
• Stump Grinding
• Invasive Species & Weed Control
• Fire Reduction Control, Trails, Boundaries, Power & pipe lines
• Vegetation Management
• Tree & Root removal
• Farm & Site Clean ups

Agtech Rural Services operate a 95Hp high flow Posi-Track fitted with a 1.8 meter wide Fae BL4/SSL 175 VT forestry Mulcher that will shred a 12 ‘’ (300mm) tree in diameter to mulch. This mulcher can be used to clear undergrowth without damaging any trees that need to stay, leaving the ground with a layer of mulch which benefits the soil and slows down regrowth.

We can also grind stumps down to ground level or remove roots with our 8 or 22 ton excavators.

We plan to add a forestry mulcher to our 8 ton excavator in near future.

No heavy machinery necessary, no waiting for wind rows to dry & having to burn, Which is mostly seasonal & can be hazidis.

No need to have loads of material removed from site & the cost that goes with it.

Uses for Forestry mulchers
Land clearing, National Parks, Forestries, Road sides, Right-of-way, Pipeline/power line paths, Wildfire prevention and management, Vegetation management, Invasive species control, Wildlife restoration, Boundary lines, Fire trails, New roads & small acreage clearing.

Forestry mulchers, also known as brush mulchers or vegetation shredders, are powerful machines designed for land clearing and vegetation management in forestry and land development projects.

Equipped with a rotating drum or disc that is studded with sharp teeth, forestry mulchers efficiently shred trees, stumps, and undergrowth, converting them into mulch or wood chips.

These machines excel at reducing vegetation into fine particles, promoting soil conservation, preventing erosion, and facilitating reforestation efforts. With their versatility and effectiveness, forestry mulchers have become essential tools in the forestry industry, providing an efficient means of land preparation and vegetation control.

Benefits of mulching trees, undergrowth, weeds etc.
Forestry Mulching puts a protective layer on the soil, reducing evaporation and improving moisture retention. Moist soil is less prone to erosion and weed growth. Removing under growth without disturbing the rest of the trees or removing trees with little disturbance to the undergrowth. Win win either way.

By retaining moisture in the soil, mulch helps to regulate soil temperature. This provides the ideal habitat for earthworms and other organisms such as ground beetles and centipedes. Earthworms help to decompose the mulch, adding nutrients to the soil. Whilst ground beetles and centipedes contribute to pest control

Agtech Rural Services is an award-winning company servicing the Mid North Coast, Port Macquarie Hasting Valley, Wauchope Hinterland, Kempsey Macleay Valley & Taree Manning Valley areas of NSW.

Read the Rural Boundary Clearing Code
The Updated Rules for Vegetation Clearing in NSW :-

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Mulching and clearing in action

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Before & After clearing

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Mulching a burn pile of tree branches

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Forestry Mulching

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Forestry Mulching

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Root Removal

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Stump Grinding

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