Residential Fencing Mid North Coast

Agtech Rural Services offer professional residential fencing service which includes:
Colorbond fencing
Koala friendly timber paling fencing
Swimming pool compliance fencing
Security fencing
Picket fencing


Timber paling & picket fencing is a great way to have the natural look around your home. From standard paling to lap & cap, treated pine to hardwood.


Good looking, durable and easy to maintain

COLORBOND® steel makes it easy to get the look you want. With 15 colours to choose from, it's easy to coordinate your fence with the colours of your home.

COLORBOND® steel fencing comes in a wide range of panel styles and designs and with its sleek lines, COLORBOND® steel looks great on both sides of the fence.

When installed correctly, it won't have any vertical gaps, visible footholds or loose palings. You can also choose the fence or gate design you want and personalise it by adding lattice, slats and post caps.

A COLORBOND® steel fence won't rot, it won't be eaten by termites and resists the progress of fire. It is also easy to maintain, so once it's installed, there’s no need to be spending your time painting, oiling or replacing palings.

What are the rules for fences in NSW?

Side and rear boundary fences must not exceed 1.8 metres. Fences along a secondary or primary road must not exceed 1.2 metres. Fences on the boundary of a secondary road must be 20% transparent and have no solid piers or posts wider than 350mm.


Examples of residential Fencing